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60 years of evolution over the course of three family generations.

Trybeca has been operating in fruit-growing for more than 50 years with an innovative and open attitude towards "new flavors".


50s we are the first ones who start growing "nectarines"
70s we are the first ones believing in the potential of the Kiwi fruit.
90s we are among those who first embark on the cultivation of the "Nashi fruit" or Asian Pear. Through years of trial and error we finally succeed in getting the know-how that enables us to obtain a fruit of quality.


With the years our philosophy has remained the same.
We are supporters and promoters of the “green revolution”, that is to use a method of cultivation that simply follows the models of our ancestors.

We put the soil and the trees in the condition of giving their

fruits, without being aggressive, using natural methods.

Herbicidals are not used, the thinning is done manually and the watering system is by drip irrigation which allows a wise use of water without any waste.

All this has allowed us to preserve the natural balance

between the antagonists and the parasites present in nature, in order to limit to its minimum the use of

unnatural treatments.

All over the fruit world, except from Asia, several have tried to obtain a fruit of quality, but only few have stayed, Trybeca is one of those, and so far none of the emerging countries has been able to grow a Nashi of good quality that may compete with our production.

Nashi Trybeca, the quality made fruit.

Today the consumer appreciates Nashi Trybeca and this is reason of great pride for us.











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